How To Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great

PaveConnect Can Help You Put a Maintenance Plan Together for Your Parking Lot! 

Property managers and business owners must make parking lot maintenance a priority to mitigate natural wear and tear. Although it’s estimated that the average parking lot will last anywhere from 15-25 years, this isn’t always guaranteed. Parking lots that have increased traffic or exposure to extreme temperatures and chemicals may start to break down much more rapidly. More importantly, poorly maintained parking lots can become a danger to vehicles and pedestrians.

Let’s take a moment to reveiw some important steps you can take to extend the life of your parking lot and keep it looking great! 

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1. Regularly Look For Damage

It’s recommended to get out and walk your parking lot once per month to perform a visual inspection. Write down any areas that look like they may be problematic, especially cracks in the asphalt. This is important after you experience extreme weather such as high heat, intense rain, snow, or ice. Eventually, these conditions will break down asphalt and make it brittle with tiny cracks throughout the surface. If you aren’t sure what to look for, then you can have a professional help you analyze the condition of your lot. They will be able to point out areas of concern, so you know what may be a problem in the future.

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2. Regularly Clean

Cleaning your parking lot is one of the best things you can do to increase longevity. One of the easiest things you can do is regularly sweep your lot to help get rid of dirt and debris that can cause damage. Getting this debris off of the lot can also help prevent garbage and large sticks or rocks from clogging drains, which can cause standing water that quickly deteriorates asphalt. It’s also recommended to pressure wash your parking lot a few times per year in order to get rid of oil or any other chemicals that may come in contact with the pavement.

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3. Update Paint

In order to keep your lot as safe as possible, you’ll want to paint new stripes when they start to deteriorate. This will ensure drivers know where to go and will maximize the amount of space as well. Painting new stripes can also benefit the health of your parking lot. If you paint the stripes in different areas each time the older ones fade, then this will prevent tires from driving over the same spots time and time again. This can help you avoid weak areas for longer periods of time so you’re not constantly using patches. This is one parking lot maintenance job you attempt yourself, although professionals will make sure the lines are straight and properly aligned.


4. Utilize Sealcoating When Necessary

When pavement begins to crumble or crack, it’s important to have sealcoating done by a professional. In fact, this is something you should have done just a few months after your pavement is initially installed. This should last for anywhere from three to five years before sealcoating needs to be done again. The best part about this is that it will restore the look of the lot while also helping to protect it from cracks, oil spills, and oxidation. When combined with a parking lot patch, this can leave your lot looking like it’s brand new


5. StreetBond Asphalt Coatings

StreetBond Pavement Coatings bond to both asphalt and concrete surfaces to provide a durable, aesthetic finish that helps protect and extend the life of the pavement.

Streetbond coatings work with the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and will not peel, delaminate, or shrink-crack.

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PaveConnect Can Help You Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Great! We Can Also Assess The Condition Of Your Parking Lot And Help You Create A Plan To Extend Its Life.

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