Parking Lot Maintenance: Reactive Vs. Preventative

Starting the day your brand-new parking lot is completed, it slowly begins to deteriorate, but it can be combated with routine preventative maintenance. To better understand what kind of maintenance your parking lot needs, you first will need to know its condition. To do this, you must first assess the condition of your parking lot.

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What Is Reactive Maintenance?

A reactive maintenance plan requires something to go wrong or break down before the issue gains attention. When an asset malfunctions, a maintenance technician will identify the issue that occurred and take steps to restore the property to an operational condition. However, if maintenance issues begin to pile up, and when left ignored, can lead to catastrophic damage that can only then be repaired by full reconstruction.

Most money saved from reactive maintenance is negated, as it must be spent on unexpected breakdown repairs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a solid preventive maintenance program for your facility. Here’s how preventive maintenance differs from reactive maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance at a Glance

  • Approach is crisis-based
  • Chaotic execution of work responsibilities
  • Unplanned downtime due to asset failure
  • Delays in service and maintenance calls

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Conversely, a preventive maintenance approach involves foresight and identifies a crisis before it happens. Real-time measurements are taken to predict system degradation and mechanical failure. As a result, negative consequences are minimized.

Preventive maintenance offers a variety of benefits over reactive maintenance. The most notable benefits include the extended life of critical assets, reduced downtime, and cost-savings year-over-year vs a reactive plan. 

Preventative Maintenance at a Glance

  • Approach is preparation-based
  • Organized execution of work responsibilities
  • Extended life of assets
  • Greater cost savings in maintenance
  • Improved worker and environmental safety
  • Faster response times to service and maintenance calls
  • Detailed measuring/reporting of facility management metrics
  • Utilizes a facility management software (FMS)

The Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a management strategy to provide and maintain serviceable parking lots. It is a multi-year planned strategy to select the most effective treatments to preserve pavement assets, to impede their future deterioration and to maintain or to improve their functional condition without increasing their structural capacity.

Preventative maintenance typically includes corrective and preventive maintenance as well as minor rehabilitation. The concept behind proactive maintenance is presented in Fig. 1 (below).

Fig 01

As compared to the reactive approach, the proactive approach promotes carefully selected maintenance activities applied at optimal timing that allow keeping pavements in good condition.

Total Cost Of Ownership

Choosing to pursue a preventative maintenance plan can save you money and also extend the life of your parking lot. In the example in Fig. 2 (below), a case study was performed, comparing the total cost of ownership when a preventative maintenance plan is enacted versus the cost of maintaining your parking lot reactively.

Fig 02

In the example in Fig 2, you can clearly see the benefits of using a preventative maintenance plan. The preventative maintenance plan not only extended the life of this parking lot but saved the client 37% of the total cost per year!

Do you still have a few pressing questions about preventive maintenance? Are you looking to create a plan that actually works? If so, PaveConnect is here to help. Our team of knowledgeable advisers is happy to answer any questions you may have. We’ll also work with you to identify tools and technology your team will need to be most successful as they adopt their new or improved PM program.

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