The Benefits of Cooperative Purchasing

As a government purchaser, your time is valuable. Although most governments default to creating their own contracts by running their own competitive bidding process, they don’t have to. Cooperative purchasing is an established legal best practice that helps governments significantly shorten purchasing timelines and achieve cost savings, making your life easier as a government purchaser. Below, we’ll highlight a few of the benefits associated with buying cooperatively.

1: Save Time

Since the solicitation process has already been conducted, agencies can quickly garner goods and services through an already established contract, rather than spending weeks and months to solicit their own contract(s).

2: Advantageous Pricing and Value

Cooperative contracts often produce lower prices by standardizing commodities and services and aggregating spend. Smaller entities benefit by leveraging volume discounts and benefit from the purchasing power of a larger agency.

3: Subject Matter Expertise

Cooperative solicitations allow for the inclusion of subject matter experts across a wider base, as opposed to the limited knowledgeable resources available within a single contracting agency.

4: Convenience

For customer departments, the ease of obtaining products has been streamlined. Instead of the lengthy process of requesting quotes, bids, or proposals, customers select products and services from the catalog, as the cooperative contract is already in place and vetted by procurement.

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