The Importance of Spring Cleaning 2022

It’s April and spring is finally here! For some parts of the country, the snow is beginning to melt while other parts are for preparing for a season filled with severe thunderstorms and lots of rain.

No matter what part of the country you may find yourself in, spring is the perfect time of year to get your facility’s roof inspected. The winter months can be hard on your roof. Debris, leaves, trash, and other items that collect on your roof can clog drains and gutters or possibly even puncture your roof. A clogged drain could lead to pooling water that will eventually find its way into your facility. 

What can you do to help prepare your roof for the warmer, wetter months of spring?

Well, let’s begin by stating that you should never send anyone up on the roof who hasn’t had proper training. They could damage the roof or worse, injure themselves. Instead, call on the same professionals you use for repairs and maintenance throughout the rest of the year – the professionals at RoofConnect. Our dedicated service teams are here to help with all your roof maintenance and repair services.

Why Use RoofConnect?

Our maintenance services will extend and maximize the life of your roof, save you money by keeping your roof protected, and check ‘spring roof cleaning’ off your facilities’ to-do list. Spring maintenance services include:

Removal of any debris on your roof

We’ll take time to look for and remove all leaves, limbs, trash, and leftover equipment or parts left by HVAC technicians and other contractors. Something as small as a loose screw or nail could cause a puncture if stepped on. This is also a good time to trim back any low-hanging tree branches near the roof.

Clean, repair, or replace gutters, drains, and scuppers

Clogged gutters, drains, and scuppers can greatly reduce the flow of water draining off the roof during a rain event. This will lead to standing water on your roof that may eventually find its way into your facility.

Inspect the seams and flashing for any signs of damage and repair accordingly

Winter weather can be very harsh on your roofing system and may cause significant damage that leads to leaks. It’s a great idea to have your roof inspected while performing spring maintenance. We’ll inspect the flashing and seams on your roof to check for signs of damage and leaks. Doing an inspection now will help catch leaks before they become an issue in the future.

Wash roofing membrane to remove any algae and mildew

Both algae and mildew thrive in humid conditions. On your roof, they can grow undisturbed in areas that don’t have a chance to dry out completely between rain event and can quickly grow out of control. Mildew and algae don’t do any physical damage to your roof, but it is a sign of a larger problem. Algae and mildew are sure signs that there is ponding on the roof for long periods of time, stemming from a drainage issue.

Start a Maintenance Plan

RoofConnect offers a Preventative Roof Maintenance program that will keep your roof in peak condition year-round. We’ll work with you to set a detailed maintenance schedule and budget that works for your entire portfolio, saving you money on maintenance and repair costs over the life of your roof system.
All repairs are done strictly sticking to manufacturer warranty requirements. This means you won’t have to worry about your warranty being voided if something goes wrong down the line.


If your roof needs spring cleaning or you just want to make sure it’s in good shape, proactive roof maintenance services are the way to go. Contact RoofConnect to get a head start on your spring cleaning today!

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