4 Ways To Allocate Surplus Funds

4 Ways To Allocate Surplus Funds

2021 was an interesting year. We are now experiencing the residual economic landscape following the Covid-19 pandemic of the previous year and a half. While the economy is recovering, the growing demand for goods outpaces production, resulting in inflation and supply chain delays.

As a result, many companies may have surplus funds for building maintenance due to projects and maintenance being put on hold. As a property owner or facility manager, you may ultimately have a say in where this surplus is spent. The RoofConnect and PaveConnect teams have put together some options for you to consider when spending your excess budget on building maintenance.

Tip #1. Get a professional evaluation of your roofing and paving assets – Do you have to replace them?

An evaluation can:

  • Identify potential leak sources before winter weather conditions compound or worsen the issues.
  • Locate and repair roof deficiencies before snow covers your roof, making the defects more difficult to find.
  • Create an opportunity to remove debris and vegetation from your roof to prevent drainage issues and/or roof damage.

Tip #2. Use Surplus Funds to Save in the Future

At RoofConnect, we can help you create a dedicated maintenance plan that can save you big $$$ versus making costly and unplanned reactive repairs. If you’re interested in saving for the future, give us a call today!

Roof Asset Management Plan Logo.

Tip #3. When was the last time you seal-coated and restriped your parking lot?

A fresh restripe can freshen up the look and layout of your existing parking lot, while seal-coating will protect your pavement from water intrusion and slow deterioration from oxidation.

Tip #4. Use Surplus Funds on Decorative Alternatives

If you’re looking for a more resilient or decorative alternative to seal-coating, consider
StreetBond for fully customizable and durable designs. Use it to create crosswalks; mark loading
zones, bike paths, handicap parking spaces; or mark EV charging stations in your parking lot.

Surplus Funds used for StreedBond, a decorative alternative to seal coating.

These tips on how to use your surplus funds will help you utilize your capital wisely without aggravating delays. Let the teams at RoofConnect and PaveConnect evaluate your roofing and paving assets. We can help you avoid issues, delays, and current price escalations by focusing on repairs and maintenance instead of replacements.

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