How to Partner with RoofConnect

Interested in becoming a RoofConnect Partner?

Here at RoofConnect, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We apply that same high standard to the companies that supply our services to our customers. Our success is directly linked to these vital partnerships. We count on our contractors to be dependable, and to give us their best service and performance. Contractors that share our competitive spirit and focus on excellence are rewarded with our loyalty and a valuable alliance with a growing company.

Our contractors are our allies, and we know that without them, we can’t offer the same superior level of customer service. They help us remain true to our customers and our vision for the future.

If you are interested in possibly becoming a member of RoofConnect, please complete this form. This form is the initial phase for any prospective member. Your information will be stored in a local database and routinely reviewed as our customer demands change.

Please note: the completion of this form does not imply a future relationship may be afforded, but simply allows us to maintain record of your interest.