Winter Maintenance

Having No Roof Snow Removal Plan Or Winter Roof Maintenance Is Bad Business.

Now is a crucial time to evaluate your roofs and create a winter emergency and snow removal action plan. As a preventative measure it is good to have a yearly assessment of your roof to make sure there are no underlying repairs that need to be done prior to a heavy snow. RoofConnect’s assessment includes the following:

1. Identify

  • Potential Hazards such as skylights, lightweight canopies, gas lines, solar array components, etc.
  • Sensitive/high impact snow removal areas (drift areas, solar panels, etc.)
  • Primary and secondary areas for roof access and equipment setup.

2. Determine

  • Roof type in order to have material on hand should repairs be necessary.
  • Safety equipment needed (warning lines, hard rail, harnesses, etc.)
  • Best areas to offload snow from roof and mark areas of egress to make sure none of the exterior access doors are blocked during snow removal.
  • Height of parapet walls.

3. Measure

  • The weight and height of snow in four zones on the roof.
  • Any drifts on the roof.

4. Remove

  • Snow from locations with excessive amounts that has put or has the potential to put the building in jeopardy.

Five Major Items to consider:

  1. Snow load on your building
  2. Proper roof drainage
  3. Ice buildup and falling ice
  4. Snow packs around building
  5. Roof leaks / water infiltration
Snow on a roof
RoofConnect Coverage Map

If your roof is in need of Winter Maintenance or Snow Removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can use the form below or give us a call at 877.942.5613!

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