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RoofConnect is the largest and proven to be the most trusted national commercial roofing services provider in America. We specialize in everything from assessments and maintenance, to re-roofing projects and emergency roofing repairs. 

Any company with multiple locations and roofing needs, whether they are consulting needs, leak repairs, capital re-roof or coating projects, or even snow removal, will benefit by utilizing RoofConnect’s nationwide coverage and resources. The nationwide coverage is offered by a single call to RoofConnect which allows facility managers and building owners peace of mind both for reactive emergencies and proactive planning.

We dispatch the client’s call and provide all the follow up with an Account Management Team (minimum of three team members per account) assigned specifically to each client. Our numerous locations nationwide allow us the ability to reduce travel costs to our customers while utilizing our internal systems to provide common and consistent tracking and history for our clients.

We specialize in Roof Condition Surveys and can provide a detailed report for each of your facilities. These reports will include but not be limited to all as-built roof information, roof condition, inventory of rooftop equipment/penetrations, known leak locations and sources, digital photos with descriptions, detailed roof drawings/maps, recommended actions, and budget pricing. Completing these surveys allows RoofConnect and the client to prioritize immediate concerns and outline a plan and budget for future projects over a 1 to 5 year span.

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof (regardless of the length of your warranty). No other single building component is more critical to the smooth operation of your business, and potential losses resulting from a failed roof system are staggering.

RoofConnect promises comprehensive and lasting solutions to your roofing needs. Our preventive maintenance program will extend and maximize the life of your roof and save money on overall roof maintenance while adhering to manufacturer warranty requirements. We have the resources, experience, and local, nationwide offices to get the job done right.

Each RoofConnect location has a fully staffed service department operating 24/7/365 to protect our client’s roofs in any weather emergency. We assist in the documentation requirements for insurance claims, as well as work with the roofing material manufacturers to resolve roof repair and roof maintenance claims on your warranted roofs.

Whether it’s an emergency roof leak service, hurricane, tornado, fire, or any other natural disaster, the RoofConnect team is only a phone call away. We will provide you with the best possible roofing solution in the shortest amount of time.

Whether the client is planning on re-covering their existing roof or performing a complete roof replacement, RoofConnect’s Technical Service specialists can assist in choosing the proper roof specification for any building in the client’s portfolio. Our experience and expertise includes all roofing systems resulting in the highest level of quality and workmanship. Additionally, RoofConnect has the skilled workforce nationwide to perform specialized projects that require a single-source coordination.

Roof Snow Removal and Seasonal Services

Proper analysis of your roof is critical in any season, but the winter months can raise even more concerns. It’s important to understand the risk that snow and ice accumulation pose, and it’s even more important to secure proper snow and ice removal from a reputable roofing company, like RoofConnect before the storm and all resources are allocated.

In the event of any winter storms, we can measure and assess to help our customers determine if their roof weight is nearing or exceeding capacity. Even when snow or ice accumulation does not exceed your roof’s weight capacity, drifting and wind can cause unanticipated roof failures or leaks. Furthermore, snow and ice melt-off can freeze and block drainage systems. 

RoofConnect utilizes our vast network of experienced Roofing Technicians for your winter related roof needs insuring there is no long term damage to your roof system. Don’t forget…Inexperienced crews can damage or destroy the roofing membrane with improper shovel or snow blower use.

Manufacturer Warranty Support

RoofConnect works with all major commercial roofing manufacturers and currently provides warranty management services to many of our customers. If a customer’s roof is under warranty with a manufacturer, and a leak call is reported, we will contact the manufacturer to notify them of the claim. Once service has been performed, both the customer and manufacturer are informed of the repairs made, and the manufacturer is invoiced for the warrantable repairs. By doing this, the owner’s asset is protected, they can verify the work has been completed, and they are not charged for repairs that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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