Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

New Year’s Eve and you discover a ruinous roof leak above your retail store. Thanksgiving morning and a roof leak threatens to flood your warehouse. Regardless of the hour or day, RoofConnect stands ready to take your call for emergency roof leak repair. We operate 24/7/365, with trained and knowledgeable professional roofing associates, not an answering service, picking up the telephone.

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Selecting RoofConnect as your go-to emergency roof leak solution gives you unparalleled access to the most responsive, best-equipped commercial roofers in your area. No more waiting and wondering if the roof leak will worsen, or if the roofing crew will even show up.

A real person will answer your emergency call at any hour, any day or night, every day of the year. You can count on an emergency response time of four hours or less. Then, your commercial roof repair will be performed correctly the first time.


RoofConnect offers a full, national network of emergency support for your business. Whether you operate a breakfast bagel shop or a warren of warehouses, our emergency leak service can protect your investment and preserve your business. Whether your roof is leaking from hard rains, melting ice, passing tornadoes or a faulty HVAC system, we are fully equipped and fully engaged, day and night, to help you.

Our emergency roof leak crews will assess the situation on site, identify the source of the roof leak, and make immediate repairs. If the weather does not allow us to make immediate, permanent repairs, our highly skilled crews can temporarily tarp the area, preventing further damage to your business or industry from infiltrating water. 

Even with an emergency roof leak service call, we give you time to think clearly. We provide a Recommended Action form so you can make an informed decision on the best path forward. Then we can effect permanent repairs, using compatible materials and proper application methods.

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