Leveraging Federal COVID Relief Funds

RoofConnect and PaveConnect are hosting an upcoming webinar session for public agencies to learn more about how to use properly procured cooperative agreements to spend their federal funds quickly and efficiently while remaining in compliance with Uniform Guidance requirements.  Register below. 

As you may be aware, Congress has allocated over $635 Billion in COVID dollars for use by state agencies over the past two years. 

In our conversations with agencies across the country, we routinely hear concerns about:

  • Being able to spend awarded funds by the deadlines imposed
  • Navigating the requirements of Uniform Guidance and, for K-12 and higher ed institutions, EDGAR requirements
  • Having to issue RFPs to spend these federal funds, which slows everything down and burdens staff
  • Whether cooperative contracts can legally be leveraged for spending federal funds
  • Maintaining the necessary documentation to prepare for upcoming Single Audits

RoofConnect and PaveConnect both won publicly procured, competitively solicited contracts from multiple cooperative agencies, to provide roofing and paving services to all public entities. All our products and services are available through these contracts.

Training Session Information

Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2022

Time: 9:00AM CST

Webinar link will be provided upon registration. 

Join Us

Below are the details and registration form for the training session. Feel free to invite individuals from your procurement and legal teams so they can hear from the source and ask questions as well.


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