Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty for roofing materials is an essential piece of paper, but commercial property owners often ignore its value. The warranty’s power to pay out is in force as long as a history of proper installation and regular maintenance on your commercial roof exists.

Yet, many commercial roofers simply bill a facilities manager for repairs which should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. RoofConnect is vastly different from those less energetic roofers. We scrutinize your warranty, billing warrantable repairs to the manufacturer. The remaining portion is billed to your company.

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Flat Commercial Roof with waranty

Whose Warranties?

Manufacturers of commercial roofing products warrant, or insure, their materials against manufacturing defects, often for decades into the future. That makes your business’s roof warranty a very valuable piece of paper and one you can redeem at just about any time. 

RoofConnect, thanks to our extensive industry connections, works with every major roofing materials company, upholding all of the warranties. We honor the warranty and keep it in force by making repairs according to manufacturer standards.

Split the Roofing Bill

Some roofing contractors are too disorganized to break apart an invoice for roof repair and send a portion to a manufacturer and the remainder to the customer. RoofConnect is never too busy to save our valued clients money. We will examine warranties to see what repair work parts can be billed to your roof’s manufacturer. We provide a detailed description of the repairs, so everyone maintains a complete history of the roof’s maintenance record.

Finders, Keepers

To work with RoofConnect using your roofing materials manufacturer’s warranty, you first need to locate the document. Once you find it, provide a copy to RoofConnect so we can update our records and contact the manufacturer. Be sure to keep the original copy in a safe location. 

When you schedule regular commercial roofing services like roof maintenance, we will have the warranty on file to apply against our repair work in keeping your roof performing flawlessly.

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