The RoofConnect Team

The RoofConnect team has well over 100 years combined experience in the roofing industry, dedicated to providing our customers the best service in the industry.

Leadership Team

David Workman

David Workman


David has been with RoofConnect since 2004 and has over 20 years of leadership experience in the commercial roofing industry, on both the manufacturing and contracting side.  David is passionate about delivering great customer service and exceeding customer expectations.


Wade Crosswhite


Wade Crosswhite joined RoofConnect in 2007 as our Accounting Controller and CFO, but was soon promoted to Vice President of Sales, where for the past 10 years he has managed the sales team for RoofConnect. In November of 2020, Wade was promoted again, to President of RoofConnect. As the new President of RoofConnect, his goal is to provide our customers with the best service offering, communication, and pricing. Wade will work with our management group to focus on daily improvements in each department.

Jarred Crow

Jarred Crow


Jarred has been in public accounting nearly ten years and was an Accountant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers before joining RoofConnect in 2010.

Eric H.

Eric Harrison


Eric has over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry and has managed the portfolio for some of the largest retailers. Eric is also instrumental in developing, implementing, and managing major disaster response efforts for RoofConnect’s clients.  He is a member of RCI and NRCA and has been a Registered Roof Observer for 10 years.

Jeremy H.

Jeremy Hill

Vice President of Operations

Jeremy has over a decade of facilities management experience and quality control with a Fortune 500 company.  He joined RoofConnect in 2010 as our Director of Operations.  After four years of exceptional leadership, Jeremy was promoted to Vice President of Operations. Additionally, Jeremy is responsible for contractor performance and continuous improvement.

Wayne Gwaltney

Wayne Gwaltney

Vice President of Sales

Wayne joined the RoofConnect team in 2018 as the Director of Business Development but was promoted to Vice President of Sales in November of 2020. With over 27 years of sales and leadership experience, Wayne’s reputation and expertise have made him a key leader on our team. As VP of Sales, Wayne will oversee both our National and Regional Sales Teams. 

Gina N.

Gina Nutt

Director of National Accounts

Gina has been with RoofConnect for over ten years now.  Gina steps into this new role as Director of National Accounts, having been our Customer Service Manager for the past eight years. Gina’s main focus in this new role will be serving as a leader and mentor to our National Account Sales Team while executing a national business development strategy to expand existing and pursue new client relationships.

Ken Beck

Ken Beck

Director of Business Development

Ken joined our team in December 2019 as a Regional Account Manager. With over 20 years of sales and leadership experience, Ken’s reputation and expertise have made an immediate impact on our team. In November of 2020 Ken was promoted to Director of Business Development, leading the Cooperative Sales Team.  His main focus will be helping the RoofConnect Team that sells to State, County, Municipal, Education, and Non-Profit segments of our business.


Teresa Webb

CONTRACTOR Success Manager

Teresa has been with RoofConnect since 2005. She began as a customer service representative and moved to invoicing as a supervisor. Teresa played an integral role during the transition of RoofConnect’s centralized corporate headquarters to Sheridan, Arkansas a few years ago as Customer Service Manager. Teresa is now challenged with the daily management and development of RoofConnect’s member contractor base.

Brandy 22

Brandy Duckworth

Customer Service Manager

Brandy has been a valued member of the RoofConnect team for 6 years now. Since joining our team in 2016, Brandy has proven herself time and again to be a valuable asset to our service department. Brandy started as an invoice processor and has worked with almost every account as a Customer Service Specialist. More recently, Brandy worked alongside Gina as a lead Customer Service Specialist for the last year. Brandy now steps into the role of Director of Service, taking over the role from Gina Nutt, who was promoted to Director of National Accounts.

Nikki Carothers

Nikki Carothers


Nikki joined the RoofConnect team in September 2019 with 20 years of experience working in Operations and Accounting. Nikki started as our Collections Manager and she now leads the Accounting Team. In this role, she is responsible for all Accounting Operations and Payroll in the business.

Brook S

Brooke Spears

National Account Project Manager

Brooke has been with RoofConnect since 2005. After 8 years as a customer service representative, she was promoted to Project Manager. In this role, she oversees all capital projects.

Erin L

Erin Lunday

Employee Success Manager

Erin has been with RoofConnect since 2018. After 8 months as a customer service representative, she was promoted to Sales Admin Coordinator working with the sales team, from here she was promoted to Employee Success Manager. In this role, she oversees all Human Resource needs for RoofConnect.


Dale Walters

Captial Projects Manager

Dale joined RoofConnect in June 2019. Previously Walters spent 13 years in the Transportation Industry leading a variety of teams to success in Operations, Maintenance and Customer Service. This experience helps him bring an understanding for urgency and customer satisfaction to his role.


Rachel Mooney

Procurement Manager

Rachel’s career at RoofConnect began in 2010. During her time at RoofConnect she has worn many hats and in one way or another assisted in all departments. She has spent time as a Customer Service Representative, Management Executive Assistant, and Marketing Coordinator. In her current role as Procurement Manager, she handles all facets of the contracting process as well as any legal issues that may arise.

David H

David Huval

Marketing Manager

David has worked in the commercial roofing industry for over 10 years now. David came to work for RoofConnect in 2018 as a Marketing Coordinator. Over the next 3 years of managing the day-to-day marketing needs, he proved himself to be a real asset to the RoofConnect team. At the beginning of 2022, David was promoted to Marketing Manager, where now he oversees marketing for both RoofConnect and PaveConnect. David is also a veteran and a purple-heart recipient.  

Sales & Marketing

Mallory P 2021

Mallory Payne

National Account Manager


Mark Matoska

Regional Account Manager

Erin W

Erin Williams

National Account Manager

Cory J

Cory Johnson

Regional Account Manager

Paul G 22

Paul Gordon

National Account Manager

Kris 22

Kris Costas

Regional Account Manager


Callie Griffith

National Account Manager

Eric P

Eric Pickert

Regional Account Manager

Danny 22

Danny Phillips

National Account Manager


Christian Pettway

Regional Account Manager


Christy Henry

National Account Coordinator

Melanie L

Melanie Leneghan

Regional Account Manager

Mike 22

Mike Bottoms

Solar Accounts Manager

Jacob L

Jacob Lankford

Marketing Coordinator

Federal Team

Tony Z

Tony Zircher

Manager of Federal Government Services


Wendy Lites

Federal Program Manager