The RoofConnect Story

In 1998, a conversation over dinner at the NRCA convention between five visionary roofing contractor professionals gave birth to an idea… A year later at the 1999 NRCA convention, a group of independent roofing companies signed on to be the proud founding members of RoofConnect! 

In 2002 RoofConnect was officially established as a professional roofing service provider when 27 independent roofing contractors joined together to address the needs of building owners looking for a nationwide, single-source roofing organization. The founders of RoofConnect recognized the need for complete regional and national coverage of consistent superior service from the most reputable, trustworthy, independent roofing contractors in the industry.

Today RoofConnect has grown to a national network of several hundred roofing contractors, strategically located to meet the needs of our customers.  RoofConnect is the solution that is not limited by location or project scope.

The Problem

How can the best contractors in a local market compete for jobs on a national scale?

The Solution

RoofConnect, a national roofing services group effort.

Our Mission

As the leading national commercial roofing services provider, we must exceed our customers’ expectations through round-the-clock availability, timely responsesuperior servicequality workmanship and professional communication.

Industry Associations