Roof Replacement

Complete commercial roof replacement is a significant but necessary investment for preserving any business. Ideally, you and your trusted commercial roofer will often work together to plan and schedule your company’s complete roof replacement for many months.

Working with a national network of experienced roofing experts gives your business an enormous advantage during a significant project like roof replacement. RoofConnect has successfully managed over 300 million square feet of roofing.

We have the highly trained crews, modern equipment, and manufacturing supply chains needed to get your replacement done quickly, correctly, and on time.

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Working on flat roof replacement

Complete Support

At RoofConnect, you are never out of touch with our roofing team. From planning meetings to scheduling your replacement around your calendar, you and all corporate contacts are kept informed at every step.

We provide:

  • Daily progress logs
  • Frequent telephone contact
  • Daily weather monitoring
  • Updates on project milestones
  • Complete documentation from contracts to warranties
  • Thorough final inspection reports

We ensure your replacement is performed at the highest level of excellence in the shortest possible time.

Commercial Roofing at Its Finest

Commercial roofing manufacturers are constantly innovating and commercial roofing services are always evolving. A 15-year-old industrial or commercial roof may have outdated design features, inadequate drainage, poor slope, or other problems. Our highly trained roofing engineers can provide expert guidance, suggesting better-performing roofing materials than your current roof offers.

Our roof replacement team stands ready to help you not only replace your existing roof but get a better roof as well. RoofConnect will help you select the roofing solution that is best for your building’s needs, which could mean:

  • A complete replacement for a roof past its useful life
  • A comprehensive schedule of needed repairs to extend its life
  • Liquid roof coatings to preserve your existing roof

We never pressure you. We provide proposals free of charge. We will help you find the appropriate, economical solution for your roof.

When you are ready to take on the planning, budgeting, and scheduling of commercial roof replacement, please contact us at RoofConnect or telephone us at 866-975-8195. We are always here, 24/7, 365 days a year, to serve you

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