Roof Snow Removal and Seasonal Service

Before winter mounts and assault…Now is a crucial time to evaluate your roof.

Heavy Snow on Commercial Roof Ready for Removal Commercial Roofing Crew Properly Removing Snow from Roof top Roofing Crew removing heavy snow from the top of a commercial retail building

Proper analysis of your roof is critical in any season, but the winter months raise even more concerns.

Download our Winter Maintenance & Snow Preparedness Tips

RoofConnect utilizes our vast network of experienced Roofing Technicians for your winter related roof needs insuring there is no long term damage to your roof system. Don’t forget…Inexperienced crews can damage or destroy the roofing membrane with improper shovel or snow blower use.

RoofConnect has the experience to properly analyze and execute a plan to take care of any of your winter roofing needs.
Please contact your RoofConnect representative today or if one is not assigned, please call 877-942-5613 and ask to be directed to someone who can answer your winter roofing related questions.

  1. Current Snow Load on Your Building. With snow storm followed by snow storm, roof weights can become an item of serious concern. We want to ensure that this doesn’t happen at any of your locations.
  2. Proper and Continuous Roof Drainage. Accumulating snows coupled with thawing and then refreezing make it critical that you clear all drains, gutters and scuppers. Every winter buildings collapse due to poor roof drainage.
  3. Ice buildup and Falling Ice. Ice formations form on gutters and overhangs that can cause serious concerns to customers, employees and other visitors to your facilities. Ice buildup must be addressed to prevent injuries and damage at your facilities.
  4. Snow Packs Around Building. Often times snow plowing causes snow build up against the exterior walls. Moving snow away from the exterior walls can avoid moisture problems inside your building.
  5. Roof Leaks and Water Infiltration. Snow and ice build up on your roof can cause leaks in unusual sources. Snow build up around unit fan’s and over the height of roof flashings can cause leaks into the building creating hazards.
  • Safety is first and foremost.
  • All Federal and local guidelines must be followed to protect all personnel on site.
  • A proper plan is executed with you to meet specific needs at each site. This includes checklist items such as never blocking emergency doors.
  • Proper documentation is always provided at project close out.