Commercial Solar Roof Installation

RoofConnect is the trusted name for all commercial roofing services. We are proud to bring our expertise to the realm of solar energy. RoofConnect’s Solar Services Division is committed to providing commercial rooftop solar installation and maintenance. Our professional contractors will ensure a flawless installation process, maximizing energy production and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. Experience the synergy of roofing and solar energy with RoofConnect and embrace a sustainable future.

RoofConnect’s solar focus is installing solar racking, but we also sell attachments, mounts, customizable slip sheets, ballast blocks, pipe & conduit supports, and much more to ensure that your solar project is done on time and maintains your existing roof’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercia Solar options

We Offer:

>> Pre and Post Solar Installation Roof Inspections
>> Repairs and Re-Roofing
>> Installation of Solar Attachments
>> Installation of Solar Slip Sheets
>> Installation of Solar Ballast Blocks
>> Solar Racking & Module Assembly/Installation
>> Maintaining the Roof Warranty

Pre & Post Solar Installation Roof Inspections

Workers on a roofing Project

Every RoofConnect solar project includes inspections before and after the installation to ensure your commercial roof is ready for solar installation and that your roof’s warranty is maintained.

Repairs and

Working on a roof vent

There are many important factors to consider when installing a solar power system on your roof. It is vital to the integrity and lifespan of your roofing system to make all necessary roof repairs BEFORE installation of any solar power system. This may range from remedial repairs to complete tear-off and replacement of the existing roof. RoofConnnect will work with you to ensure your roof is ready for installation of your solar power system.

Solar Racking & Module Assembly & Installation

RoofConnect offers a variety of customizable options for solar racking installation. Our solar installation experts work with your team to ensure every project is completed with care and professionalism, ensuring an installation that will last the life of your roof and protects existing roof warranties.

Solar Slip

Are you looking for customizable Solar Slip Sheets? RoofConnect sells customizable Solar Slip Sheets in any size, quantity or manufacturer you need, to ensure that you get what you need for your specific solar project. All materials can be shipped nationwide.

Solar Attachments & Mounts

RoofConnect sells and installs solar panel mounts and attachments to secure solar racks and other equipment to your roof, while protecting your roof’s warranty. We offer a wide variety of different mounts and attachments to fit your specific needs.

Solar Ballast Blocks

Solar Ballasts Blocks are a durable and simple way to add ballast weight to your solar panel array preventing movement and overturning of your system. RoofConnect can provide many different size options to fit the needs of your solar project.

Pipe / Conduit Supports

RoofConnect offers a variety of pipe and conduit supports, in many different size options, to suit the needs of your solar project.

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