Special Projects & Safety Products

We specialize in Roof Condition Surveys and can provide a detailed report for each of your facilities. These reports will include but not be limited to all as-built roof information, roof condition, inventory of rooftop equipment/penetrations, known leak locations and sources, digital photos with descriptions, detailed roof drawings/maps, recommended actions, and budget pricing. Completing these surveys allows RoofConnect and the client to prioritize immediate concerns and outline a plan and budget for future projects over a 1 to 5 year span. All of this data will be stored on our web based customer portal which allows real-time 24-hour access to all cataloged information.

Safety Roof Hatches

Keep your people safe, your rooftop secure and stay OSHA-compliant.

Roof Hatch Safety Rail

Did you know that an open roof hatch is in violation of OSHA standard CFR29 1910.23? Most people keep their roof hatch open while on the roof, not realizing they are exposing themselves to big fines from OSHA for an open hole violation. Installing the Roof Hatch Safety Rail from SafePro brings instant compliance. The Roof Hatch Safety Rail is a 4-sided rail system with ergonomic handgrip side rails, self-closing gate with no pinch hinges, and ladder extension rails that will hold steady in the event of a slip during ladder use.

HandsFree Power Hatch Lift

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No more fumbling around in the dark with the lock on the roof hatch as you hang precariously on to the top rung of the ladder. Those days are over thanks to the HandsFree Power Hatch Lift by SafePro. Like a garage door opener does for a garage door, the HandsFree Power Hatch Lift automatically locks/unlocks, opens/closes and latches the hatch door when a user-programmed code is correctly entered into the keypad. A wireless remote is included to operate the system from inside the building. A magnetic card reader is available. Solar-powered is standard; 110v is optional.

RoofConnect can easily retrofit either or both of these SafePro products on existing roof hatches – without any roof penetration.

Parking Lots

Our customized portal for all your parking lot needs can be found here.