SWAT: Severe Weather Assessment Team

RoofConnect is the only national roofing services provider capable of providing you with SWAT coverage 24/7/365. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado or any other disaster, the RoofConnect Team is only a phone call away. We work with you to solve your emergency quickly, and our work and materials meet the standards of insurance coverage claims.

It is important to identify damage from a hail storm quickly to ensure payment from your insurance providers.

RoofConnect will provide pictures and estimates of any damage to your roof to properly and quickly report to your insurance company. RoofConnect will make temporary repairs on all leaks and do everything possible to keep the inside of your building dry. Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your roofs.

Download: Our latest information sheet for RoofConnect Services & Hail Evaluation


Before Tropical Storms & Hurricanes mount an assault is a crucial time to evaluate your roof and prepare a plan of action. Proper analysis of your roofs is critical in any season, but hurricane season raises even more concerns. Hurricanes cause damage in a variety of ways through strong winds, storm surges, flooding and tornadoes. Early preparation is essential so that your roofs are protected against the hurricanes arriving in 2012 and beyond. Careful roof installation practices and annual maintenance can make a significant difference in a roof’s hurricane preparedness. Here are a few of the things you should check to make sure your properties are prepared to survive a hurricane.

DOWNLOAD: Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparedness from RoofConnect


SWAT guarantees a quick response in the event of weather related emergencies. We will even work with you in advance to develop a disaster response plan. All of this, coupled with our experience, resources and guaranteed fair pricing to get you dry, fast.

As our SWAT Customer, you’ll receive:

  • Priority standing.
  • Guaranteed response time.
  • Free severe weather preparedness checklist and evaluation.
  • Roof condition analysis after the storm.
  • Project supervision.
  • Expert knowledge of restoration work.
  • Minimal interruptions once we begin our restoration process.
  • Daily photo/written reports on your properties.
  • Peace of mind that all repairs are made per RoofConnect’s strict guidelines.


Damage to RoofConnect commercial roof after tornado. Commercial roof 24 hours after tornado and RoofConnect SWAT service.