The RoofConnect Story

In 1998, a conversation over dinner at the NRCA convention between five visionary roofing contractor professionals gave birth to an idea…

The Problem: How can the best contractors in a local market compete for jobs on a national scale?

The Answer: RoofConnect, a national roofing services group effort.

A year later at the 1999 NRCA convention, a group of independent roofing companies signed on to be the proud founding members of RoofConnect! Today that group has grown to over 60 contractors with 110 plus locations nationwide.

RoofConnect was officially established in 2002 as a professional roofing service provider when 27 independent roofing contractors joined together to address the needs of building owners looking for a nationwide, single-source roofing organization.

The founders of RoofConnect recognized the need for complete regional and national coverage of consistent superior service from the most reputable, trustworthy, independent roofing contractors in the industry.


Excerpts taken from the article “Consolidation by the Slice: The Birth of RoofConnect” by Rick Damato, January 29, 2003, Roofing Contractor Magazine

A New Concept

Many commercial roofing contractors were attracted to the consolidation model. Some saw it as a way of enhancing their business, some saw it as the wave of the future, while still others saw it as a way out — an exit strategy. Many more contractors visited the possibility of becoming part of, or selling out to, a consolidation than actually took the plunge.

Some commercial roofing contractors decided affirmatively that they did not want to sell out or become part of a larger firm. Some did, however, see advantages in providing unique national account roofing services that the consolidated firms had accomplished or sought to accomplish.

An idea for a new kind of “consolidation” began many years ago. It is not a consolidation of companies or cultures, but of key business initiatives and ideas: sharing of best practices, a national approach to sales and marketing, a consolidated approach to servicing national accounts, and others.

Roofing contractors who knew each other by way of their work as active members of the National Roofing Contractors Association discussed the possibilities, and in March of 2002 a small group incorporated the “Affiliated Independent Roofing Contractors of America.” They announced their new affiliation late in 2002 with the (more user-friendly) trade name RoofConnect. An initial group of 30 contractors met in May of 2002 in Las Vegas. Twenty-seven of the contractors joined and made up the initial group…the membership of RoofConnect reads like a who’s who of the commercial roof contracting business and includes numerous past-presidents of the NRCA (and winners of the prestigious J.A Piper Award).

Complete article can be found at Excerpts taken from the article “Consolidation by the Slice: The Birth of RoofConnect by Rick Damato, January 29, 2003, Roofing Contractor Magazine

To this day the RoofConnect network ensures the finest workmanship available no matter where your business is located.