Photovoltaic Roofs

Photovoltaic Roof surface solar systems make the best use of available space, turning unused space into an energy-producing asset.

Benefits of a Roof-Mounted PV System?

  • Annual energy costs are reduced.
  • Improvements to utility grids generally are not necessary.
  • Net metering policies allow an owner to be credited for surplus electricity generation.
  • A federal tax incentive exists and accelerated depreciation of PV systems is allowed.
  • State and local incentives and rebates may apply.
  • Roof-mounted PV systems help create green jobs.

Some of environmental benefits of roof-mounted PV systems include:

  • Land use is minimized; rooftop-mounted space is optimized.
  • Surplus energy can return to the grid to provide clean energy during times of high electricity demands.
  • Renewable energy helps reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Environmental awareness is displayed.

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